lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014


Poetry to understand bullying

Poetry is not always boring and, in fact, we can use poems to voice our feelings about any topic of our interest. Here's an example in which Areesha expresses her feelings about bullying.

Will you leave your comment? Tell us how you feel after reading this poem. And what about giving suggestions on what you would do to help those who are bullied? Finally, write something about what you could say to those who bully.

Remember that something we should always keep in mind is to try to put ourselves in others' shoes all the time.

Miss Luchi.

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Pedro mocetti dijo...

I will say a bully that you do that because you are scared or you haven't got money to buy things that if you keep doing that all the people will hate you and think bad things of you. If the people bully me I will say to a friend or a teacher or my parents but somebody will help you.


Camii F. dijo...

I felt very sad because is not nice that people say You things bad and bullyed you.
I suggest you that when people bullyed you, you have to tell a teatcher about it and dont Pay atention.

Juan cruz dijo...

I call a teacher.

Anónimo dijo...

I want to say that why the children do bullyng Its not funny because at that peoples that they bullyng hims are sad and dont like that please stop bullyng!!!!!!!!

And those Who are bullyed please defend yout selfs!!!!!!!!

CANELA dijo...

I feel sad and happy... SAD: because aré a lot of people trata do bullyng and is not well... HAPPY: because they carro on tris and they can see what the other person is doing something wrong. And they can see what to do to
If I hace to tell something to the person who is bullyng aún other person I they to asid to him/her to stop because is bad

Benicio dijo...

For me the bullyng in argentina is not much but in others contries is a famouse thing people do and is not good, stop bullyng!,

Anónimo dijo...

I feel saad

Lola ;) dijo...

I think I would tell an adult if I was between 6,7,8,9 years but if I was older I would tell a friend or my parents to help me because it is horrible the sensation of feeling that someone is bulling you so if I was you Imwould be telling someone by now. You have to KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are important and if your parents dont hear you or dont want to help tell a teacher or the headteacher

Jordi dijo...

To help them I would say the bullied to ignore them and not to let the bullies bother him or her.

To the bulliers to think it two times before bothering an how will they feel if other people bother him fisicaly or verbaly

Cami Decundo dijo...

I felt sad reading this poem .To the people that do bullying stop doping that.Tell to an adult

Anónimo dijo...

I feel worried about people that are bullied, I would not play atention to the bullies. I would say the bullies to stop that they dont winn anything with that.


Tati dijo...

Now I read the poem I think different. I Would way to them that they don'thave to be other bullied. I Will fe el very sad and nervous of someone makes me bullying

Anónimo dijo...

I feel sad because when come to his house come crying.
I call to a teacher to separed the bullers to person who is bullied and then i called to the fathers of the bullers to say something.I am going to say stop bulled.


Anónimo dijo...

It's a very good poem

Nico ds dijo...

Ir You are being bullied:

1-You dont have to react
2- ignor The bully And walk awey
3-then tell a adult and tour parent

Nico ds

Luli arroyo dijo...

When I read this poem i feel sad becouse they are lots of people that are bullied and of i be one of this people i really dont like it.
To the o es Whois are bullid I would say that they dont have to react Bad when they are bullied

Anónimo dijo...

I feel like thinking abot And I bulled Also sometimes but no ton purpose so I am thinking about not bululú any more And I was bulled many times in the past And believe me It is not food.I would way to the bullers that do not bull any more would you like to be traten like that as a question