lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Song: "Everyday People"

Enjoy the song and write your comment below.

Miss Luchi.

6 comentarios:

Tati dijo...

Its shows me discrimination (diversity)

Naty Decundo dijo...

I like the song because its funny!
But one part I don't like it because say that the yellow one don't accept then black one!

Cami Decundo

Anónimo dijo...

different people are in this song


delfi schepens dijo...

Muy buena la cancion luchiiiiiiii me encantooo lo unico que hubo much ruido al principio pero despues estuvo bien

luli dijo...

This song is beautiful

Lucia dijo...

I'm glad you liked the song! Please, remember to make all you comments in English and using correct Grammar ;)