sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

DRAMA NEWS : Countdown on Concert 2013!!

Dear students, 

A few weeks to go for our next Concert 2013: Hercules: A True Hero.
 I really want to congratulate every one for your daily work on this school project. You are showing great commitment and cooperation in the making-of, the acting, dancing and singing rehearsals and that makes me feel so proud of you all! 
Some weeks ago, we started receiving your designs of Hercules which show how creative designers you are!
Last week, we recorded the group songs. During the recording sessions you all worked with enthusiasm and respect. Good for you! We also started making the scenery with a group of 2nd Year students who worked in order and took very good care of the materials they are preparing.
 Next week, we´ll have our first general rehearsal ! So let´s get ready with all the props you need.
 I hope you enjoy the project as much as I do!

Warm regards,

Miss Andy

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i like it so much
and 1 enjoy it