martes, 28 de octubre de 2014


And here it is!!! The last one!!! BLIZZARDS!!!
Great job!

Volcanoes and Wildfires

Dear all,

I'm sharing one of the last presentations on Natural Disasters. Check out the link and be ready to finish completing the questions !

Congrats to the group!

Volcanoes and Wild fires

Cyclones and Droughts

Presentation : Cyclones and Droughts

Good job!!! Let's share it!!!

Cyclones and Droughts

Tornadoes- Lightning and Heatwaves

Dear all,

We are sharing the presentation about Tornadoes, Lightning and Heatwaves.

Congratulations to the group!
Tornadoes, Lightning and Heavy rainfalls

Tsunamis - Heavy Rainfalls

Dear all!

I'm sharing the link for you to visualize the presentation ,on this ocassion : Tsunamis and Heavy rainfall !! ENJOY!

Presentation - Tsunamis and heavy Rainfall (by Benicio M, Ramiro P, Rocio W, Delfina S)


sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014


Getting ready for the quiz

Hi all! Remember that this Monday we're having a quiz on Quantifiers. So, here are some websites in which you'll find lots of quizzes that you can do to revise. Click on the titles below to have access to the sites:

Grammar Bank

English Club

ESL Lounge

My English pages


Good luck!
Miss Lu.

domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Actividad viernes 17/10

En el siguiente doc está disponible la actividad realizada el viernes 17 de octubre, los alumnos que estuvieron ausente deben realizarla y entregarla el viernes 24 impresa o copiada en la carpeta.

Esquema procesos de la Tierra